SHSMD 2019 Recap: Never Sit Still

In September, a record-setting 2,000+ healthcare marketers and strategists traveled from across the country to SHSMD Connections, the annual conference hosted by the Society for Health Care Strategy and Market Development. Read SPM Chief Strategy Officer Dan Miers' thoughts on the best pieces of insight from this year's conference.

The Insighter: Patient Safety

Consumers deserve the peace of mind that comes with choosing a healthcare provider that values and tirelessly pursues patient safety. SPM’s task as marketers is to make the critical distinctions between providers easy to find, understand, and act upon.

Fresh Takes: Alexa M.D vs Teledoc

In the first edition of Fresh Takes, SPM CFO Nancy Miller discusses two ventures into telemedicine: Amazon’s new partnership with the UK’s National Health Service, and Teledoc, a service offered to all SPM employees through the agency’s health insurance plan.

The Insighter: Keeping the Eyes on Your Prize

As healthcare becomes increasingly competitive, more and more hospitals and health networks are seeking to obtain, and then capitalize on, their awards, rankings or designations. These recognitions are a tremendous source or pride to an organization’s employees and can act as motivators for continual operation and improvement. Awards, rankings, and designations have also been marketed

Quick Pick: News of the Amazon alliance sent waves through the industry—here’s one perspective

While hypothesized for some time, the recent announcement that Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase are teaming up to form an independent healthcare company aimed at cutting costs and improving quality shook every corner of the industry. While details are still scarce—and the alliance is currently only confirmed to benefit its roughly one million combined

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