[Infographic] Mergers and Acquisitions and Name Changes, Oh My!

Healthcare organizations involved in transformations must conduct robust brand planning. They must have people who know how to lead through change.

Getting Below the Surface: The Importance of Deeper Consumer Insights

As the healthcare industry undergoes seismic change, it’s imperative to uncover deeper consumer insights through resources such as The SPM℠ American Health and Life Study and go beyond the rational reasons that underlie hospital selection.

Is Your Hospital Sick?

In this fast-paced, changing healthcare universe, hospitals are faced with a difficult branding challenge: Carefully transitioning their brand from one of “sickness” to “accountability." How will you keep your healthcare brand strategy healthy through the transition to accountable care?

Demystifying Google Analytics for Healthcare Marketing

The sheer volume of data used in the Google Analytics Reports can make them daunting to users. How do you draw insights from so much complicated data?

Welcome to What’s Next in Healthcare Marketing Communications

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