Quick Picks: Network Competition Emerges as a Hard Trend

Last week at SHSMD 2017, keynote speaker Dan Burrus challenged attendees of his address to focus on Hard Trends (based on future facts) and not opinions. Opinions run rampant in our social media-infused, 140-character, endlessly-analyzed news cycle. But Hard Trends – the things that should really fuel strategy – are more difficult to come by.

Quick Picks: Single-Payer Bill Emerges While Apple Attracts Aetna

A pair of news stories in recent weeks have typified healthcare strategists’ and marketers’ troubling struggle: Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-for-All bill sparked the most serious conversation around single-payer healthcare the U.S. has had since the Nixon administration. It was also recently revealed that Aetna and Apple are in conversations to bring the Apple Watch to millions

Our Top Takeaways from Salesforce World Tour Chicago

Customer engagement lies at the heart of any marketing strategy. In healthcare, these customers come in many forms—consumers, patients, employees, partners, institutions—but the goal is always the same: they’re there, and we want to reach them. SPM recently had the chance to attend the 2017 Salesforce World Tour in Chicago. Salesforce is global cloud computing

Digital Reality: Continuing Email’s Legacy in a Constant State of Change

I’ve been working in and around the digital marketing landscape since its inception—as part of a digital and data-focused agency within an agency at Foote Cone & Belding when marketing and the internet first started to form a symbiotic relationship and later in 2004 as the co-manager of a digital group at JWT Chicago. Oddly

Taking Back Chicago’s Reputation

It’s funny how the more things change the more they stay the same. A few of us we were talking about our travels to Europe back in the 1980s and whenever we told someone we were from Chicago, we all got the same reply— “Chicago! Al Capone. Bang Bang.” We’d of course correct them and