Bill Tourlas
Chief Growth Officer

As a senior member of the leadership team, Bill is responsible for overall agency growth as an organization. Bill's role involves both identifying new client opportunities as well as the evolution and development of new agency service offerings that improve consumer engagement and marketing effectiveness.

Bill started his career in the Windy City, and soon thereafter moved to the bright lights of New York City. But after taking his bite of the Big Apple, his Cubs fan roots brought him back home. Now, 30 years later, Bill is a marketing veteran and big brand expert. Prior to SPM, he held senior management roles at well-known global agencies, working with brands such as Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Citi, Western Union, Sprint, AT&T, and Kraft Foods. The hallmarks of Bill's career are  establishing strong client relationships, and a collaborative work style and approach that brings forward the very best of agency strategy, creative and media teams.

Career highlight:
"The business is all about relationships. And one of my favorite memories was a two-day offsite planning session scheduled with a client we had just won. 3 coworkers. 6 clients. 7-bedroom house. In Vail, Colorado. We completed the entire annual marketing plan as a single cohesive team locked away in the mountains with a fair share of team building to boot – from cooking dinner to white water rafting. Going into it we said, 'Well…this will either solidify the business for years or lose it in days.' Needless to say they were a long-term client and are still great friends."

I’ve always been inspired by my grandparents who immigrated to the US from Greece in the early 1900s. They believed in the vision of a better life here. They never forgot where they came from but considered themselves Americans first. They worked hard to become successful but recognized the importance of family. I try to balance those same values and that work ethic every day.

Ripon College. Never heard of it? Shocking. It’s in Ripon, Wisconsin. Never heard of it? Shocking. It’s the birthplace of the Republican Party. Not that Republican Party. It’s also the college of Harrison Ford. Well, he never really did graduate. It’s home to what used to be some of the best pickled eggs on the planet. And now you know.

After nearly 30 years of marriage and three daughters, my interests tend to be whatever interests them. But I do still get to punish a tennis ball on a regular basis, and I love that. In 2018 Bill's USTA tennis team made it to the 18+ National Finals—needless to say, he's a little competitive.