Larry Margolis
Senior Advisor

In the mid 1980’s, Larry was instrumental in establishing SPM’s focus in healthcare before hospital marketing was a discipline. He was at the helm, leading SPM’s continuous growth and innovation throughout his successful SPM career. Before SPM, Larry was a hospital strategic planning consultant, and spent several years as an administrator in a two-hospital system in Ohio well before systems became the rage. So he knows healthcare inside and out. In fact, he served on the board of directors, was past president of the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD) and honored by this esteemed organization with the Leadership Excellence Award, for lifetime achievement and advancement of healthcare marketing. He also served on the board of trustees for a safety net hospital in Chicago’s inner city, and is an industry thought leader.

Why I love healthcare marketing:
“The idea that we are providing information to consumers to help them make important, and sometimes lifesaving, decisions about their healthcare. That keeps me jazzed every day.”

The Ohio State University, MS in Hospital Health Services and Administration
Ohio University, BS in Zoology (of all things)

Skiing; cycling (across several states); and participating in community theater.