Patti Winegar
Managing Partner

Patti works closely with clients to lasso big opportunities and hash out tough challenges. She particularly loves to work with clients to build their brand, whether it be reinventing, reinvigorating or rebranding. As co-owner and Managing Partner, Patti keeps our SPM family happy and on track with clear goals and inspiring opportunities. In short, Patti spins a lot of plates and likes it that way.

When Patti joined SPM in 2006, she brought with her over two decades of experience at the world's largest consumer agencies, where she helped build brands for Fortune 500 companies like Dell, State Farm, Unilever, Nestlé Purina and General Mills. She has since done the same for all of our clients. Of course, studying consumer behavior in 20 different categories has been pretty invaluable, too. She also serves on the JDRF Illinois board and speaks frequently at state and national industry conferences, as well as universities across the country.

Why I love healthcare marketing:
"There's an old adage in advertising: ‘Don't over think it. This isn't brain surgery and we're not curing cancer.’ But in healthcare that's exactly what we're doing. People deserve to know where they can receive the best care. It could save their life."

Career highlight:
"I'm living it! Having true partnerships at SPM and with our clients allows us all to do big things together."

Miami University (Oxford, Ohio), BS in Business/Marketing

Words I live by:
"For big decisions, have three must-haves and three cannot-haves. If you don’t set criteria for success, every idea will always seem like a good one."

Travel: short trips, long trips, from typical to obscure; walking 15+ miles a week; working with some meaningful not-for-profit organizations, such as the Off The Street Club in Chicago.