Laura Eboli
Creative Director

Breaking brand strategies and marketing challenges into small, delicious bites. Painting verbal pictures that intrigue and engage consumers. Leading the SPM conga line.

Laura started at SPM right out of college and never looked back. In her storied career, she's been a part of SPM's metamorphosis from a small, nine-person B2B shop to one of healthcare's leading agencies. Her experience runs the gamut from describing the majestic beauty of African elephants to the spiraling anxieties of expectant parents to the latest life-saving breakthroughs. After 20+ years of creating award-winning healthcare campaigns, she practically has a medical degree.

Why I love healthcare marketing:
"At some point, everyone goes through a health crisis. With the work we do here, we can help people rewrite their stories...lead them to real answers that can improve and even save their lives."

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, BS in Journalism

Smiling's my favorite. So is listening to music that makes me smile, namely any tune by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood...or William Shatner.

Favorite quote:
"I know kung fu, karate...and 47 other dangerous words." -Unknown Author