Consumer insights.


The SPM Consumer Compass® helps you see your consumers in a new light. It is the first study of its kind that profiles how various attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors influence healthcare decisions. From a nationally representative sample of 4,000 adults, the study examines 400+ items that enable SPM to dive deep into the specifics of who your consumer is, why they make their decisions, and provides unique insights that fuel marketing communications strategy, messaging, and creative approach. See the creative work these insights make possible.


We all know healthcare decisions can be emotionally charged. At SPM, we went beyond typical journey work and what most marketers think they know and worked to understand people emotions at different stages of their decision journey. Our SPMSM Consumer Healthcare Decision Journey is a one-of-a-kind, proprietary ethnographic study that looks across multiple key service lines to map the prospect and patient experience to identify opportunity to craft highly relevant creative messages and media opportunities that are in sync with your target audience. See the creative work these insights make possible.


Through our BrandNEXT® services, SPM brings true brand strategy, deep healthcare know-how, and expertise managing some of the largest consumer brands in the world to serve our clients. The result: a “future-forward” brand with resonance achieving the most aggressive marketing goals. We call this combination BrandNEXT® and our full brand service offering covers all of your current and future branding development needs, from positioning and identity to messaging alignment by audience and effective communications development. Our BrandNEXT® Process is a strategic and collaborative approach that drives toward what we call the BrandNEXT® Truth—a forward-looking, succinct, and powerful brand truth. BrandNEXT® is driven by our SPM Consumer Compass®, which we leverage on behalf of our clients at no additional cost. Identifying key Organization Insights, Category Insights, and Human Insights ensures the brand cohesiveness your organization seeks—bringing your brand to life powerfully in advertising, recruitment, internal communications, and within the community (e.g., fundraising) and industry.


Media dollars have to work harder than ever before. Falling under our Broadcast Investment Team is our unique SPMSM Efficiency Network offering. This is a strategic relationship negotiated at a network or station corporate level but allows us to leverage our local sales reps when in-market. The SPMSM Efficiency Network can deliver cost savings significantly below historically negotiated rates which are then passed along to our clients for reinvestment. We’re ready to talk when you are.