It’s nearly impossible to make it through the day without hearing some new bit of news or analysis regarding the fate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Frankly, the talk can get exhausting and a bit overwhelming. But, as health care strategy leaders responsible for the continued growth and success of our organizations, exhausted or not, we have to stay on top of the story.

SPM has been studying this issue since the November election and, as we’ve tracked the ups and downs of repeal and replace, we haven’t seen much advice aimed specifically at strategic marketers. That’s why we published the Red Paper, Repealing ‘Obamacare’: Navigating the Uncertain Future for Health Care Strategists, Marketers & Business Development Leaders. This Red Paper looks at the changing reform landscape from a strategic marketing perspective and offers specific recommendations on what we consider the 4 top implications for health system strategists and marketers.

We hope you find this resource helpful. Presently, we’re discussing developments like these with our clients and the right response for their particular competitive situation and business needs. If this is the kind of conversation you’d like to have with your strategic marketing partner, reach out to Dan Miers to schedule time to connect with the SPM strategy team.

Click here to download Repealing Obamacare.