SPM to Attend the Forum for Healthcare Strategists Conference

Looking to hit the jackpot while in Vegas this year? SPM will be exhibiting at booth #48 from April 13-15 at the 20th Annual Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit hosted by the Forum for Healthcare Strategists. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to chat with managing partner Patti Winegar and Vice President of Business Development Nadine Baarstad about a winning partnership with SPM.

While you’re there, grab a copy of our latest Red Paper! (SPM’s version of white papers.) “The CEO’s New Imperative” explores the changing role of healthcare leadership from running a hospital to guiding a brand. While healthcare leaders must certainly concentrate on care redesign, new partnerships, new payment structures, and changing organizational structures, of equal, if not greater, importance is the responsibility of positioning and stewarding a provider brand in a dramatically changing business/competitive landscape.

Want to know more about what’s up our sleeve? Stop by booth #48 to hear about how we’re creating What’s Next in Healthcare Marketing Communications®.