Kara Rozek Sits Down for Interview with Simpli.fi TV

(Chicago, IL, June 20, 2023) — Kara Rozek, VP of Media at SPM Marketing, sat down with David McBee from Simpli.fi TV to discuss a wide range of topics from the perspective of a specialized marketing agency in the health space. 

In the interview, Kara highlights the benefits of specializing in a single industry like healthcare and how understanding common challenges provides opportunities for expertly tailored solutions for clients. She also talks about the importance of using search, programmatic advertising, and Connected TV as digital tactics to reach healthcare audiences effectively. Kara also discusses privacy concerns inherent in the health space, emphasizing the need to comply with regulations and protect consumer data. 

See the full interview at https://simpli.fi/simplifi-tv/kara-rozek-simpli-fi-tv