SPM Welcomes Barbara Taylor as VP of Business Development

SPM is thrilled to introduce Barbara Taylor as the most recent addition to our new business team. As VP of Business Development, Barbara will provide consultation and develop prospect opportunities from the client’s perspective.


Barbara is an energetic leader with over 25 years of healthcare marketing experience, including corporate communications, brand building, project management, media and community relations, strategy, and team development. Her innovative and dedicated approach has generated significant results for organizations such as Med Center Health and Owensboro Health.

“SPM success has always been tied directly to our client’s success and understanding their professional and organizational goals. Barbara’s past leading client marketing teams helps drive this home even more by putting the agency in the client’s shoes and giving us an insider view into their challenges and pressures." said Bill Tourlas, SPM’s Chief Growth Officer.

Along with her deep understanding of marketing strategy, Barbara’s well-established connection to the SPM team and penchant for forging relationships will be instrumental in cultivating meaningful partnerships throughout the world of healthcare.

“I understand the unrelenting demands of the marketing function in today’s complex healthcare organizations and am excited to infuse provider-side insight to SPM’s mission. I look forward to supporting my colleagues to deliver messages that are on-point, on-budget and make an impact their markets,” added Taylor.

Taylor will work remotely from Kentucky and spend the majority of her time directly in the hotbed of healthcare. Welcome, Barbara!