Last week, I addressed the growing trend of healthcare mergers and acquisitions and the implications for healthcare marketers. I argued that brand and brand strategy are not popularity contests or peace treaties to be hammered out around a negotiating table. Any healthcare organization involved in a transformation must conduct robust brand planning. These are the types of questions SPM uses to guide clients through transition:


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Dan Miers

Chief Strategy Officer at SPM Marketing & Communications
Dan anticipates “what’s next” in our complex industry and keeps SPM on the leading edge of healthcare policy and strategy. A valuable resource to all SPM clients, his strategic insights focus how we understand and apply industry trends to client issues. With 20 years of experience, Dan has two master’s degrees in healthcare administration and finance, worked in business development at an academic medical center, and launched a healthcare technology company. He is also a frequent speaker at industry events and an active member of the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD).
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