It’s hard to believe that just 8 months ago I was a new SPM intern. The real world was staring me in the face, waiting for me to take my first steps. Fortunately for me, those steps were through SPM’s front door and I haven’t looked back.

Now, we’re preparing for a new round of summer interns. For the people as lucky as me, getting the chance to work here will be an invaluable experience. Why? I took a poll of SPM’s past interns who are now full-time employees to figure out why they believe SPM has an outstanding internship program. Here’s what I found:

I. Responsibility

At SPM, an intern’s amount of responsibility is truly what they make of it. From the moment they enter the building, interns are treated like full-time employees. And their responsibility matches that.

No intern is forced to stuff envelopes all day. You are put on the front lines helping manage actual SPM client accounts.

II. Open-Door Policy

Unlike big agencies, interactions between interns and executive leadership are commonplace at SPM. Interns are encouraged to branch outside of their respective department, and to gain a full understanding of how an agency works. SPM believes in an open-door policy for interns to ask questions and mingle with the “higher ups.”

By welcoming interns to interact all across the agency, you can build relationships with our strategic thinkers, creative problem solvers, and results producers who make SPM an inspiring place to work.

III. Real-World Experience

Saying an internship provides “real-world experience” is overused. But SPM really means it. From the first day, interns are included in agency meetings. Shortly after that, interns are participating in client conference calls and emails. That’s a lot of trust—and responsibility—for an intern.

To take it a step further, summer interns are given a project to complete. This project is always a real-world issue facing the agency, and something SPM intends to use once the interns have left. Your work as an intern has value for the company.

IV. Training

At the start of an internship, interns are given a binder related to their respective position filled with objectives and responsibilities. With the help of a supervisor, they set specific and measurable goals to benchmark their progress.

Interns are taught teamwork and collaboration through their summer project. They learn professionalism through client interactions. They develop time management and multi-tasking skills by being given a full-time employee level of responsibility. There is infinite room for growth in an SPM internship.

This solid infrastructure of training for new employees helps them grow into agency professionals. Interns are no exception.

V. Agency Culture

If you were looking for a quiet office where everyone sits at his or her own desk and types all day, this would not be the place for you. We are more than co-workers—we’re friends. We have monthly shindigs, huge birthday lunches, and go bowling together. And interns are always invited to the party.

A good internship should be more than just a “resume builder.” And these five things make SPM’s program a great internship. Whether experience or potential for a full-time position is your end-goal, SPM gives you the skills and experiences you need to take into your future.

To see if we’re hiring for internships, visit our careers page.

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