SPM was excited to attend the Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC) in Austin, Texas this year from October 23-25. Digital Evangelist Kaela Carey took the stage with UTMB Health’s Director of Digital Communications, Pep Valdes, to talk the Fast & Furious race for digital marketing innovation. Check out some of the presentation’s highlights below.

It starts with cutting through the clutter

In just one minute, an overwhelming amount of social media activity occurs on the web. More specifically,

  • 3 million Facebook posts are shared
  • 150,000 emails are sent
  • 448,000 Tweets are posted
  • and 65,000 Instagram photos are uploaded.

While this provides a huge opportunity for marketers to engage with their audiences, it also creates a widening challenge. In today’s cluttered environment, marketers must create quality content centered around a strong brand message to cut through and engage the consumer directly.

Digital media has shifted, and so should your dollars

Constant digital trends can be overwhelming for a healthcare marketer – but those that cause an entire channel to shift shouldn’t be ignored. Digital will continue to grow, but we identified three major movements you should be sure to build your strategy around:

  • Manual to programmatic buying
  • Static/animated ads to dynamic, engaging content
  • One-dimensional measurable results to actionable, meaningful results

Social channels are not one in the same

SPM and UTMB Health recognized that staying ahead among constant innovation required system-wide collaboration. One tool presented itself in a quarterly webinar program to educate employees on significant shifts in digital media. Together, the partnership reset on objectives, scheduled open discussions, and led research and analysis efforts to align set goals for the future. One of the biggest key learnings? Each social channel must hold a unique purpose for content. Snapchat’s real-time storytelling nature won’t serve your brand’s video content the same way YouTube’s hub for search and discovery will, just as Twitter’s drive for conversation won’t engage users the same way a Facebook carousel will. Understanding these differences is key.

Case study: Hurricane Harvey

Sometimes, your brand’s message to its audience is needed in what seems like the most inopportune time. Enter Hurricane Harvey. TIME Magazine called it the country’s first social media storm – Twitter replaced 911 calls and Facebook statuses offering shelter became lifelines. This was more than just a real-time chance for UTMB Health (located on the island of Galveston) to reach its consumers with relevant content: it was a time to protect its community from danger. Each of the 38 Harvey-related posts shared over the span of a month averaged upwards of 10k impressions, reaching the Houston-Galveston community far and wide.

Investing today puts you a step ahead for tomorrow

Do you make your brand’s online health a priority? Do your ratings and reviews align with the message your social content is projecting? If it doesn’t, take time to regroup. Structure your communications strategy to match with your consumers’ perception. You’ll be thankful when the next trend leaves your competitors behind – but your strong content foundation allows you to pull ahead of the pack.

Boost your strategy to win the Fast & Furious race for digital marketing innovation, one step at a time.

For our latest work in digital innovation, including a case study from the UTMB Working Wonders Content Campaign, check out our portfolio page, or drop us a line to talk about what we can do for your digital strategy.

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