Recently SPM published a blog piece about integration and collaboration within a single agency, and what to keep in mind when choosing a partner who will help you achieve your goals. Given my past experiences at large and small agencies, I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. Some of it is clearly visible and some of it lingers in the shadows of an agency’s day-to-day workings that clients don’t often see.

In the end, while it can be difficult, approaching a client challenge with an intent to collaborate across multiple disciplines is what delivers the best results for clients time and time again. But not everybody is so quick to agree—in fact, much of the industry seems to have disagreed and thus built out siloed shops around a single channel focus. At SPM, we’ve always taken a holistic, collaborative approach to marketing. This includes full in-house media planning and buying for both offline and online, all while collaborating closely with our creative to synergistically deliver a better combination than either could do separately.

Interestingly enough, a recent Digiday article suggests this structure is returning as more than just a trend. Some of the biggest, well-known creative shops, such as Droga5 and Wieden+Kennedy, are now offering media buying and planning services. In addition, WPP’s Martin Sorrell shared his latest comments from their senior leadership meeting, pointing to a new era of agencies consolidating and simplifying their offerings.

What many of today’s clients want is simple: a single relationship that gives them access to creative, technology and media expertise without having to pay for overlapping services. While many will find this difficult, we know it’s the right thing to do. That’s why we’ve always done it.

Of course we’ve expanded our offering to lean heavily into data and the digital landscape. We’ve created our own in-house relationship with the Trade Desk, brought on digital content strategists and creators, and are constantly looking to optimize both our media and messaging to the right person at the right time. Creative is important, but creative that actually reaches its target and aperture is both highly efficient and highly effective.

Sure it gives us a leg up over our agency competition, but more importantly, it gives our clients a leg up over their competition. So whether you’re looking to explore new media horizons or a new partner to guide you through the process…give us a call. We’d love to be by your side.


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Bill Tourlas

SVP, Innovation & Engagement at SPM Marketing & Communications
With 30 years of experience, Bill is a recent addition to SPM’s ever-growing firepower. As a member of the leadership team, he drives the agency’s efforts to consistently reach new levels of innovation and engagement and to bring the full power of our ideas to life across traditional and new media channels. In his role, Bill collaborates with strategy, creative, and media teams for existing clients and is an active participant in new business efforts.
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