A few weeks ago, we posted a blog on the growing trend of mobile apps in healthcare. Not surprisingly, the subject continues to be a hot topic in healthcare news. So, we decided to host an internal competition at SPM. The contest? Create a healthcare related mobile application that could be functional and useful for our client partners.

Employees were split up into groups including an account team and two members of the creative department, and tasked with using an online resource to build a healthcare mobile application. Apps were to be judged on concept, creativity and content, and functionality by managing partners Larry Margolis and Patti Winegar, and Chief Strategy Officer Dan Miers. Teams were not allowed any help outside of SPM and no budgetary assistance.

The competition was fierce, but friendly. Despite some reconnaissance missions, no team’s app was leaked before the day of presentation. On Tuesday, June 3, SPM gathered in our large conference room for the final presentations of the mobile apps.

Surprisingly, no two apps were the same. Each team chose a different client business problem, such as volunteer management, reputation building or increasing patient satisfaction, and created a fully functional mobile application to address said business issue. All of the apps also featured the ability to be branded to a specific client—something that would help build brand relevancy in an industry where brands are becoming increasingly important.

In the end, our esteemed judges chose Team Nora (pictured below) as the winners of the mobile app competition.


At SPM, our vision is to be What’s Next in Healthcare Marketing Communications®, and exercises like this are an example of how we practice applying this vision to our client campaigns. Plus, we like to add a little fun to it through friendly competitions like this one!

As we continue to build our expertise in mHealth, our clients will benefit from this knowledge and our ability to produce unique solutions to solve their business problems. If you haven’t yet incorporated mHealth into your marketing strategy, tell us some of your ideas! What would you like to see? Do you have a mobile strategy in place, or are you working to build one? Let us know by commenting below.

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