Quick Pick: Can Large Health Systems Go Deeper With Consumers?

The other day I was involved in a workshop that surfaced an intriguing question: While health systems want to play a larger role in people’s everyday lives – proving new value, contributing to population health goals, securing greater loyalty and new revenue – how much interest do people have in “going deeper” with health systems?

Recap: How to Stay One Step Ahead in the Fast & Furious Race for Digital Marketing Innovation

SPM was excited to attend the Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC) in Austin, Texas this year from October 23-25. Digital Evangelist Kaela Carey took the stage with UTMB Health’s Director of Digital Communications, Pep Valdes, to talk the Fast & Furious race for digital marketing innovation. Check out some of the presentation’s highlights below. It starts

Quick Picks: The Looming Threat of Unprecedented Margin Pressure

Unprecedented margin pressure: if they aren’t already, they should be the three most motivating words in healthcare strategic marketing. Every week brings new reports of hospitals and health systems experiencing startling year-to-year margin declines. This week began with Edward-Elmhurst Health. Last week it was Temple University Health. And the week before, Cedars-Sinai. In September 2016,

Quick Picks: Network Competition Emerges as a Hard Trend

Last week at SHSMD 2017, keynote speaker Dan Burrus challenged attendees of his address to focus on Hard Trends (based on future facts) and not opinions. Opinions run rampant in our social media-infused, 140-character, endlessly-analyzed news cycle. But Hard Trends – the things that should really fuel strategy – are more difficult to come by.

Quick Picks: Single-Payer Bill Emerges While Apple Attracts Aetna

A pair of news stories in recent weeks have typified healthcare strategists’ and marketers’ troubling struggle: Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-for-All bill sparked the most serious conversation around single-payer healthcare the U.S. has had since the Nixon administration. It was also recently revealed that Aetna and Apple are in conversations to bring the Apple Watch to millions